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Happy Thanksgiving!

One from the vaults – Thanksgiving 1985 (my mom)

I am thankful for all of you, the people who read my blog and my books. Well, technically my “book” but the second one is with my editor and the third is being NaNo-d as we speak (I know, I know, I’m mixing senses but my brain is fried from the deep writing deep dive).

I am thankful for your patience – I understand that I have neglected this blog a bit, but I promise I’m getting back to it now that I am coming up for air. I have some great new posts planned from the new research I’ve done and the stories I’ve amassed…including a great story from Somerset’s trial which you’ll read on December 1.

I wish you all a wonderful time with family and friends – even if you are outside of the United States and not celebrating….May your turkey be moist and your stuffing hearty….and and may you achieve a good marshmallow-to-sweet-potato ratio on your plate. For those of you not celebrating, the wishes still hold – good times and good meals.


If you like my posts, you’ll love my book! Jane the Quene is now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.Com (here are some easy links to Amazon.ComAmazon.Co.UK and Amazon.Com.Au)!


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    What is your second book going to be about? Whose perspective will it be from? I am super psyched to read it! Hooray!

    • Thank you! Second book will be called The Path to Somerset and it’s the story of Edward Seymour’s rise to power during what I lovingly refer to as “Henry’s crazy years.” It’s in two POV’s, Edward’s and Gardiner’s (I chose him to be the main antagonist instead of Norfolk or Surrey specifically so that we could all be in the room during the whole Katherine Parr incident…). Together they really have the perfect vantage point for Henry’s court…

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