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Author Notes

Author Notes is a radio show devoted to writing the Tudors and all that entails. For a long time, I was frustrated by the fact that the show has to be prerecorded, so I couldn’t offer a classic radio experience with callers and reactions…but now I’ve developed a workaround: I prerecord the callers by inviting a new guest each week to come talk about their favorite Tudor book.

Wanna join me? This is your chance to discuss the Tudors with someone who will be hanging on your every word! Shoot me an email at janetwertman [at] Yahoo and we’ll work out a time to chat via Skype (we’ll do audio only, to really embrace the “radio-ness” of the experience). Thirty minutes is all it will take…

You can listen to the newest episode on the Tudor Radio Network, on the following schedule:

Missed an episode? I’ll post the last couple of episodes on my Soundcloud account: