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Happy Birthday Jane the Quene!

It has been exactly three years since the publication of Jane the Quene. Back then I had the blog and the book and was super excited over how much Tudor time I had added to my life…today I have released the second installment in the series and am a good way through the third, I’m almost ready to issue the translation of a nineteenth century biography of Henry that I have been working on for the last three years, I’ve added a radio show on the new Tudor Radio Network, I am scheduled to speak at TudorCon – and I am going to dig up a Tudor Banqueting House at Sudeley Castle.

So much Tudor! And it’s time for me to share this more widely: for the next week, you can immerse yourself in Jane the Quene for only $0.99 on Amazon (after that, it will revert to its regular price).

I know that many of you will have already purchased it. Thank you so much, and I hope you will share this with other friends who might love it. If you do, then email me at janetwertman [@] to let me know and I will happily mail you a Jane the Quene bookmark. And I’ll do the same for anyone who shares and helps new people discover my books. It is a pleasure and an honor to share the Tudor world with you all.

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Go for it! Here are some easy links to Amazon.Com, Amazon.Co.UK and Amazon.Com.Au)!

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