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Birthday Promo!

Today is The Path to Somerset’s first birthday – and to celebrate, I’m running a special promotion on Amazon: you can immerse yourself in my Seymour Saga ebooks (Jane the Quene and The Path to Somerset) for only $0.99 each. And since my own birthday falls on the 28th, I’m running the promo through the end of the month (after that, the ebooks will revert to their regular prices).

If you love them, PLEASE review them – the number of reviews makes a big difference in the Amazon algorithm so you will really be helping people discover them. You don’t have to get detailed: a single sentence will do just fine…and earn my deep gratitude. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is a pleasure and an honor to share my Tudor world with you all!

Birthday Promo!
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  1. Michelle Tercha Michelle Tercha

    Happy birthday! I have both books, but thank you anyway for the awesome deal! (Im) patiently waiting for The Boy King here. Best wishes…

    Michelle t

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