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Steve Donoghue Interviews Me About The Boy King

Steve Donoghue is a book reviewer for the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, and the National; he is also one of the (founding) editors of Open Letters Review, an arts and literature review. He said wonderful things about Jane the Quene back when he was U.S. Editor of Indie Reviews for the Historical Novel Society – he even got her put on the Open Letters Monthly list of the best books of 2016 (he has since said wonderful things about Somerset too). He has become a notable Booktuber and was wonderful enough to Zoom Chat with me about The Boy King (which he also loved!) and the history surrounding it. I had the time of my life – I hope you enjoy as well!

(If you’re on the blog, you can just click the play button in the video link at the top of the screen – if you are on your email, just click here!)


And I hope you’ll enjoy my books! I am over the moon that Jane the Quene and The Path to Somerset have finally been joined by The Boy King – now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

I hope you will love little Edward and leave a review – even just a star rating! It makes a huge difference in helping new readers find them and would mean the world to me!

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  1. You: Anne Stanhope-Seymour didn’t suffer fools lightly.

    Me: So apparently that hasn’t diluted one bit in thirteen generations. Thanks, Grandma! 😂

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