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Out Today: The Six Marriages of Henry VIII – Part One

So first, Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating. This may seem like a strange day to launch a new book (when no one will be paying attention because of all the wonderful things going on …) and yet, it is the perfect tribute to the woman who made it possible through her decision to send me to French school all those years ago. You see, this would have been her birthday.

This is not a book for someone who knows nothing about the Tudors. This is not a book for someone who is looking for a reliable biography. This is for the advanced Tudor fans, who will enjoy seeing how England’s historic rival told the stories of the Tudors, especially back then. What do I mean by all that? Well, it was published in 1878…and it is like the farsical love child of The Spanish Chronicle and Agnes Strickland, uniting Agnes’ pretense at biography with the Spanish Chronicle’s tendency to “bring some scenes to life.” Oh, and it’s all told with the snark of Charles de Marillac, the French ambassador to Henry’s court during some key years.

Please don’t blame me for the author’s mistakes – I just translated his words, and disagree with many of his theories (including his belief that Anne slept with Norris…what can I say besides the fact that such an affair made sense to the French of that day). If you want the accurate stuff you can just stick with my fiction! 😉

(In the mood for the fiction? The books in the Seymour Saga are available through  AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboApple, or your local independent bookstore.)

Out Today: The Six Marriages of Henry VIII – Part One
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