October 24, 1537 – Death of Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour in Death - The Tudors' Take

Jane Seymour in Death – The Tudors’ Take

Just twelve days after giving birth to the son and heir that Henry VIII had long sought, Jane Seymour died of puerperal fever.

She had been fine – though understandably exhausted after a labor that lasted for three days – once Edward was born on October 12. She had also been chipper – though of course weak – at Edward’s christening on the 15th.  But things quickly fell from there. The afternoon of October 16, Jane suffered a bad attack of diarrhea. Although this worried the people around her, on October 18 she rallied a bit, enough that celebrations resumed. Wrong. She started to grow feverish the next day, and her situation slumped from there. Her last three days were spent almost entirely in delirium. She died on October 24, never really having enjoyed her triumph.

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