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October 12, 1537 – Jane Seymour Announces “We Be Delivered of A Prince”

Letter from Jane Seymour announcing the birth of her son, found recently in a stately home as reported by the Daily Mail

Last year, my post for this day focused on the birth of Edward VI. This year, I want to focus on the announcement of that birth. Hundreds of copies of had been written in advance by scribes who had learned their lesson from 1533 – when they had to change “prince” to “princess” in the birth announcement for the Princess Elizabeth, but hadn’t left enough room for her to be anything more than a “princes”. I wonder how that made Jane feel as she was laboriously signing them in advance of her confinement…

By the Queen

Right trusty and well beloved, we greet you well, and for as much as by the inestimable goodness and grace of Almighty God, we be delivered and brought in childbed of a Prince, conceived in most lawful matrimony between my lord the King’s Majesty and us, doubting not but that for the love and affection which you bear unto us and to the commonwealth of this realm, the knowledge thereof should be joyous and glad tidings unto you, we have thought good to certify you of the same, to the intent you might not only render unto God condign thanks and prayers for so great a benefit but also pray for the long continuance and preservation of the same here in this life to the honor of God, joy and pleasure of my lord the King and us, and the universal weal, quiet and tranquility of this whole realm. Given under our signet at my lord’s manor of Hampton Court the 12th day of October.

Jane the Quene.


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